Hearing Care is Health Care™

It only makes sense to take care of your hearing health, just as you care about the rest of your health. Because there’s a lot more riding on it than your hearing.


Hearing health and brain health: is there a connection?

Actively using hearing aids reduces the risk of cognitive decline by improving communication and social interaction.

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Understanding hearing loss

Hearing loss can occur at any age, for any number of reasons and those it affects have their own particular story to tell.

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"The second they were behind my ear I kind of forgot they were there, you know. It's a great feeling. ... The only thing that is noticeable is that I can hear the world around me that much better."


"We don't always think that hearing aids are life-changing but they are in a way."


"I had them for the first 30 seconds, I knew that I wasn't going to let these things out of my ears."


"I am not at all embarrassed to wear hearing aids - especially ones as sleek and modern."


"I spent so much energy trying to compensate for my hearing loss, I didn't have the energy I needed to enjoy all the wonderful things in my life."


"The Bluetooth technology is just awesome with cell phones and TVs."

These testimonials represent the opinion of the concerned individual only and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonial is not paid and may not be indicative of the future performance or success of any other individuals.


Check your hearing

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Football season and your hearing

Whether you're watching your favorite team at the stadium or your local hangout, noise levels on and away from the field can sideline your hearing health – and even lead to permanent damage. A colorful series of sports-inspired infographics looks at the impact of game day noise on the hearing health of fans, players and even referees.

Cheering fans can raise noise levels in NFL football stadiums to ear-damaging levels. The average volume is estimated to be in the mid-90 decibel range, about the level of power tools.

Noise levels during NFL playoffs at popular sports bars can average in the 80 decibel range, about the noise level of an alarm clock.

How to tackle the noise? Invest in inexpensive ear plugs to protect hearing from game noise. At just under $3.50 for a package of ten pairs, it's about the best bargain fans are likely to see this season.

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Find a hearing care professional in your area

A hearing care professional can check your hearing and determine a treatment that is right for you.

  • Get support

    Learn how to clean your hearing aid, change your batteries, replace domes and more.

  • Hearing Care is Health Care™

    It only makes sense to take care of your hearing health.

  • Ringing in your ears?

    What is tinnitus, why do some people get it, and what can be done to relieve symptoms?

  • What is hearing loss?

    Hearing loss is often associated with advancing age, but this is not always the case. Recognize the symptoms.