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Get the most from your hearing solution

Watch TV

Learn how to set up ConnectLine so you can enjoy TV programmes at a volume the whole family can enjoy.

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Listen to music

Connect your hearing aids to an MP3 player

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Use your computer or tablet 

Transmit the sound directly into your hearing aids

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Use your telephone 

Make and take clear and hand-free calls

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Use your mobile phone 

Make and take clear and hands-free calls

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Receive education in a class room 

Capture important learning with an FM receiver

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Go to the cinema, theatre, or church

Connect to teleloop systems using telecoil

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Dine at a restaurant or go to a party 

Converse in noisy environments using a microphone

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  • Hearing

    Did you know that our hearing is the only one of our senses that never sleeps?

  • Connect to applications

    How to connect hearing aids with different devices such as your TV or phone using ConnectLine.

  • Downloads and Support

    Find videos and instructions on how to use all Oticon hearing aids and accessories.

  • Find a hearing centre

    Get a hearing test and receive help and advice from authorised Oticon hearing care professionals.