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Find out how to pair your Oticon Opn™ hearing aids with your smartphone or with one of our wireless accessories

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Learn how to...

  • How to clean

    Clean your hearing aids

    The safe way to clean and dry them.

  • Replace the done

    Replace the dome (speaker covering tips)

    For Receiver-in-the-ear or BTE instruments with thin tube (Corda).

  • Control your hearing aids

    Control your hearing aids

    Turning them on and off, regulating the volume, and changing the program.

Experiencing problems?

Learn how to fix these common challenges

  • distorted-sound

    Distorted sound

    What could be the cause?

    1. Dirty or corroded battery contacts
    2. Dirty or corroded battery
    3. Hearing aid is switched to telecoil

    What’s the solution?

    1. Open and close the battery compartment several times
    2. Clean battery surfaces with a dry cloth or replace the battery
    3. Switch to an acoustic listening program, e.g., Program 1.
  • no-sound

    No sound

    What could be the cause?

    1. Dead battery
    2. Clogged sound outlet
    3. Clogged microphone opening

    What’s the solution?

    1. Replace the battery
    2. Clean the sound outlet or change the wax filter
    3. Clean microphone opening
  • whistling-or-howling-sound

    Whistling or howling sound

    What could be the cause?

    1. Ear wax
    2. The hearing aid is not inserted properly

    What’s the solution?

    1. Get your ear canal checked by a doctor
    2. Remove and insert your hearing aid again

If none of these suggested solutions solves your problem, please consult your hearing care professional.

Get the most out of your hearing aids in difficult listening situations

ConnectLine and the Streamer Pro work together as an integrated system that can transfer sound wirelessly to your hearing aids from your TV, phone, computer and many other devices. Learn how you can use the system in different situations.

Watch TV

Use a TV adapter to watch TV at an enjoyable sound level

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Listen to music

Connect your hearing aids to an MP3 player

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Use your computer or tablet 

Transmit the sound directly into your hearing aids

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Use your telephone 

Enjoy clear and hands-free calls on your landline home phone

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Use your mobile phone 

Enjoy clear and hands-free calls from you mobile phone

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Improve listening in a classroom or lecture hall

Catch more important details with an FM system

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Go to the movies, live performances, or religious service

Connect to teleloop systems using telecoil

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Dine at a restaurant or go to a party 

Converse in noisy environments with a tiny companion microphone

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Get a hearing test, receive help and advice, and buy accessories, spare parts, and cleaning tools from authorized Oticon hearing care professionals.

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  • Did you know?

    You can connect your hearing aids to your phone, TV, and other applications and be able to adjust their sound to your preferences.

  • Taking care of your hearing aids

    Your hearing aids have to cope with everything from moisture to wax. Visit our support section for guidelines on the use and care of your new hearing aids.

  • Find a hearing center

    Get a hearing test and receive help and advice from authorized Oticon hearing care professionals.