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Sensei Pro Super Power

The more speech details, the more power to achieve your goals. Sensei Pro Super Power is specially designed to help children overcome the challenges of severe to profound hearing loss.

Power to keep up

Right from the start, speech comprehension is critical for your child’s language and communication development. We hear with our brain, not our ears. So the brain must be stimulated to develop. Sensei Pro SP ensures a consistent sound processing approach that will give your child the best opportunity to get the most out of their hearing.

Children with severe to profound hearing loss face many challenges to full participation in normal child life. Learning to talk. Building vocabulary. Conversing with family and friends. Hearing the teacher’s voice. Taking part in outdoor play. All this depends on your child’s ability to detect the details of speech and pass them on to the brain. Sensei Pro SP helps your child perceive speech more clearly and supports language development by giving your child access to the full spectrum of speech sounds his or her brain needs. Especially being able to hear the critical consonants like “s” and “t” makes speech understanding so much easier.

Sensei Pro Super Power lets your child get the most out of speech

Access to the inaudible high-frequency sounds

Hearing “s” and “t” makes speech understanding so much easier

Get and give hugs without annoying whistling sounds

Prevents feedback while preserving the high sound quality

Get more speech details than ever before

Helps your child perceive speech more clearly to support language development

Give your child’s developing brain what it needs

Stimulated to learn with Oticon’s unique BrainHearingTM technologies

Hear the teacher’s voice in a noisy classroom

FM compatible with dedicated FM options for school

Easy talking on the phone

ConnectLine wirelessly makes it easy to use smartphones and listen to music


Made for childhood. A design that is adventure-proof: robust, safe, allergy-free and water-resistant


An exceptionally powerful hearing aid in a very small size


Features 3 key
BrainHearing technologies:

Speech Guard E
Speech Rescue
Inium Sense feedback shield SP


Great performance. Small design.

Sensei Pro Super Power delivers high power performance in the smallest possible design. The discreet behind-the-ear (BTE) design comes in attractive colors, making Sensei Pro Super Power hearing aids ideal for children of all ages.

Having the freedom to select a favorite color – whether it is proud purple or bright blue that catches a child’s eye - gives your child a sense of ownership and involves him or her in better hearing right from the start. And for extra fun the hearing aid can be decorated with cool stickers.

See the stickers for Sensei Pro SP

Technologies to preserve and provide a whole world of speech details

  • technologies-core-features-speech-guard-e

    More speech details than ever before

    Speech Guard E preserves the natural speech cues essential to improving speech understanding, helping your child build critical language skills.

  • technologies-core-features-speech-rescue

    Full access to high-frequency sounds

    Speech Rescue “rescues” the soft consonants like ‘s’ and ‘t’, and copies and relocates them into a lower frequency range where your child can hear them, giving your child the ability to hear more speech sounds.

  • technologies-core-features-inium-sense-feedback-shield

    Hug and kiss without whistling

    Inium Sense Feedback Shield SP controls hearing aid feedback, ensuring continuously high sound quality for comfortable wear during the day.

girls having fun

Made for childhood

Children with hearing loss are just as full of life and energy as any other children. Sensei Pro SP incorporates many features to ensure robust and safe hearing aids to fit their many changing needs as they grow from infancy to adolescence. The hearing aids undergo real-life testing to ensure their strength and resilience.


Free of allergens

Reduced risk of allergic reactions from the hearing aid’s constituent parts. The material contains no phthalates.


Water- and dust-resistant

Rated with the IP58 classification, protecting it from the rough and tumble of everyday use.

IP58 Classified

Visual status indicator

LED information on battery life and functioning status.


Robust. Ideal for active kids

Strong shell construction to withstand children’s rough treatment.

Shock- and drop- resistant

Tamper-resistant battery door

To keep batteries away from inquisitive fingers to avoid accidental swallowing


Oticon ConnectLine

Let children stay connected through gadgets

Making phone calls, gaming with friends, listening to music or watching TV. ConnectLine makes it easier to stay connected and enjoy more kinds of entertainment, receiving the sound right into their Sensei Pro SP hearing aids.

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