Inium Sense Performance Line

Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2

Powered by the Inium Sense platform, these devices are available in a wide range of styles and fitting ranges. The Performance Line includes the popular miniRITE style, the discreet designRITE, and a complete line of wireless and non-wireless custom instruments that match the size, flexibility and output of any manufacturer. All RITE and BTE models are IP 58 certified, so you can be confident that your Oticon devices are durable and moisture-resistant, standing up to even the harshest conditions.

  • Oticon Alta2

    Our premium hearing aids that offer more opportunities for personalization than ever before.

  • Oticon Nera2

    Oticon's advanced mid-level hearing aid with superior sound quality and many options for personalization.

  • Oticon Ria2

    Provides all the essentials you need for better hearing.


Discover a hearing solution you can really live with.

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Product comparison

Alta2 Pro
Nera2 Pro
Ria2 Pro
Speech Guard E
Works like a shield to capture and preserve the fine details of speech, even in background noise.
Binaural Noise Management
Reduces the side with more noise in very noisy situations to make it easier to follow conversation. Available in Alta2 Pro.
Spatial Sound
Helps you know where sound is coming from so you can follow conversations and sounds from different directions. Available in Alta2 Pro and Nera2 Pro.
Wireless Binaural Synchronization
Directionality and Noise Management of both devices work together to produce a more balanced sound experience.
Noise Management
Reduces background noise while being careful to preserve the speech you want to hear.
Free Focus Directionality
Automatically calculates the best directional mode as the noises around you change. Helps you move smoothly from one conversation to another.
Personal Profiles and YouMatic Technology
Uses your unique sound preferences to set how the device processes sound.
Inium Sense feedback shield
Prevents and stops whisting and howling noises that can occur with hearing devices.
ConnectLine Compatible
Lets devices wirelessly connect with phone calls, TV, and entertainment.


Custom solutions

With Oticon's expanded in-the-ear style range, you have the option of a comfortable premium solution fitted to hide discreetly inside your ears. There’s even a model that fits deep in your ear canal where it’s completely invisible. 

Style options


Oticon Plus Power

Small in size and big on benefits

We've extended the Inium Sense Performance Line to include more products for people with moderate to severe-to-profound hearing loss with the new Plus Power BTE13 style.  Plus Power instruments are rich in details with an output approaching super power levels.


As individual as you are

The elegant design of Oticon designRITE makes it easy to choose your look: discreet to match your skin tone or colorful to match your personal style.

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ConnectLine — For life’s many opportunities

ConnectLine is a series of devices that help you connect to a wide variety of communication and entertainment applications – transforming your hearing aids into a personal wireless headset.

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Ringing in your ears?

Many people with hearing loss experience tinnitus as a ringing in their head, buzzing, humming or whistling sound. Even though there is no known cure, tinnitus doesn’t have to interfere with your enjoyment of life. Your Alta2, Nera2, or Ria2 hearing device with Oticon’s Tinnitus SoundSupport™ feature can be programmed to create customized relief sounds that may minimize the irritating effect your tinnitus sounds have on you.

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