How does hearing loss happen?

Realizing that you have age-related hearing loss doesn’t usually happen in a single flash of insight. If you're like most people, it sneaks up on you gradually. You start to notice yourself missing bits of conversation and asking people to repeat themselves. There may be years of denial, but finally you get to the point where you can’t ignore it any longer: you don't hear like you used to.


A lifetime of noise

One common cause is a lifetime of daily traffic sounds, noisy offices, factory work, construction work and loud music. Other causes, more disease-related, include changes in circulation, heart disease, stroke, head injuries, tumors, viruses, bacteria and even certain medicines.

But even without outside factors, for many of us, hearing loss just happens with age.

Protect your hearing

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How did it happen?

Tens of millions of Americans have age-related hearing loss.  There are many kinds of hearing loss, but by far the most common form, the one that afflicts tens of millions of Americans, is related to aging. One in three people older than 60 and half of those older than 85 have it.

Age-related hearing loss is most often a sensorineural disorder caused by deterioration in the nerves of your inner ear. If these nerves aren’t working, your hearing is impaired. Statistically, you will most likely experience some of this loss in your lifetime.


The journey back

Once you realize what's going on, the good news is that you’ve taken the first step on your journey to recovering the independence and richness of life that hearing loss can rob from you. You’ll probably move on to what’s next: wondering if hearing instruments can help … and they probably can.

With the help of modern hearing technology and an experienced hearing care professional, you can go from wondering whether you need hearing aids to wondering why you waited so long to get them in the first place.

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