Hear more speech detail with Oticon's most innovative super power hearing instrument to date.

Power to keep up

If you have significant hearing loss, you know all too well that there’s a big difference between hearing sounds and making sense of them. Dynamo allows you to enjoy a more complete sound experience.

Even with a powerful hearing aid, high-frequency sounds that are critical for speech understanding may be lost, making it hard to catch the meaning of things. With Dynamo your brain gets more complete access to the full spectrum of sounds and lets you capture more speech details. Built on decades of hearing aid leadership, Dynamo is as reliable as it is powerful. You can count on it to keep working for you – 24 hours a day, in any weather, and no matter how active a lifestyle you lead – without annoying feedback.


 With Dynamo, Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology makes spoken sound more understandable; preserves the clarity of speech; and delivers sound in the way your brain, with its unique hearing profile, is best able to understand it. The result is a better hearing experience. Hear more, understand more, and enjoy life more … with Dynamo.


Discreet design for comfortable wear

Dynamo is a slim and powerful hearing aid – the smallest with a size 13 battery.

Dynamo is available in seven colors. This gives you the freedom to choose which best complements your skin tone, hair color and personal style.


Oticon powers up for Olympic run

Staying on top of his game is something David Smith takes very seriously.  The 6’7” Middle Blocker for USA Volleyball’s Men’s National Team knows that keeping his edge when it comes to better hearing improves life on and off the court. 

As he prepares for his second Olympic run, David is upping his game with a transition to new Oticon Dynamos. David reports that upgrading to his new power solution lets him pick up on more cues on the court and improves communication with family and friends, especially his son and biggest fan, Cohen. “The father-son relationship is an incredible thing,” says David. “And communication is one of the things that propels that relationship.”

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Oticon ConnectLine

For life’s many opportunities

Making phone calls, video chats, listening to music or watching TV. ConnectLine makes it easier to stay in touch with loved ones from a distance and enjoy more kinds of entertainment.

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